khloe07 Landscape

kh05 landscape 01

Design and Build


Beginning with a blank area, geometric forms were used to create multiple areas for a variety of uses. The east facing area was the edible area, chosen for its gentle morning light and shade under the existing eucalyptus trees. Raising the boxes afforded a great degree of soil control given the end purpose of edible plant growth as well as the practical functionality of being able to sit while planting.

Given the seasonal nature of plants an area of native wild grasses was used to separate the seasonally sparse edible corner as well as frame the rigid design of the home. The movement from the grasses and seasonal wild flowers leads the eye into the garden which is also home to sculpture and other art.
The west side is left open for leisure and is framed by three large raised bed featuring uniform plantings of desert friendly plants.

A large patio extends into the garden so the pool location was chosen in an effort to reflect the bright skies, trees and landscape into the home.
Although not permanent there is a great degree of pleasure to be had witnessing the change seasons bring to the design of a garden.